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I'm a random, crazy girl. I love vampires, cats, grey and green eyes, smexy eyebrows, && the awesome people who put up w/ my craziness. I'm obsessed w/ the Joker (Heath Ledger version && the comics) and butterflies (pictures only the real creatures are creepy as hell >.< !).
CURRENT HUSBAND: Klaus Michaelson <3

Is that our thing?. We don’t have a thing


Will you stay with me until the storm ends?

Fangirl Challenge: [28/40] Romantic Relationships » Mary Stuart and Sebastian de Poitiers
"If I’m married to you, you’ll be my family. I’ll be in it for you and only you.”

Today’s the day I’ll make you mine, so get me to the church on time. Take my hand in this empty room, you’re my girl, and I’m your groom. Come to me my sweetest friend, this is where we start again…

I own none of these pics

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